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Most automation software is still stuck in the past

You’re looking for a modern solution to a modern problem, yet the vast majority of automation software is complicated, cumbersome to use, and adds a lot of unneccesary overhead. When a process fails, you’re stuck booting up your work machine, logging into VPNs, and waiting for software to load — or worse — going into the office to fix it in person. You’re hiring new employees just to learn complex automation software that was supposed to streamline your business. And when it’s time to upgrade, your IT team is pulled away from other important tasks while your mission-critical processes suffer from downtime. When so much of your business is conveniently in the cloud, why is automation still so difficult?

Welcome to the future of automation

We’ve taken years of combined knowledge, packaged it up, and created a groundbreaking no-code automation builder that runs right in your browser. It’s simple enough that anyone can use it and powerful enough to breeze through your complex business processes without breaking a sweat. Your developers will love it too. Whether you’re automating Windows apps, websites, or just about anything else, robotic process automation has never made more sense — or been more stress-free.

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A solution born in the cloud

Our revolutionary cloud-based platform just works. Unlike competing platforms, our hard-working team of industry veterans have developed eTac Automation from the ground up to run in the cloud. We work around the clock to ensure your processes run smoothly and efficiently while our built-in monitoring system takes care of the rest.

Need more? We offer an enterprise tier with some of the best in-house support in the industry.

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No credit card required. Starter robot supports Windows 8 and up.


The power of sight at the speed of light

AI computer vision — the future of automation — is a first-class citizen on eTac Automation. Simply select an object (or even text) on your screen and watch as it becomes instantly available to interact with. Programs that were once difficult to automate are now effortless.

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Data collection as easy as 1-2-3

eTac Form Builder and datastore platform integrates seamlessly with eTac Automation. Capture data safely on the field and process it in the cloud or connect directly to your own databases and run SQL queries. The possibilities are endless, and it’s all included in your subscription.

Your robot workforce awaits

Cloud-based robots (currently included in our enterprise plans) run your automations 24/7 on our managed servers. On other plans, run starter robots on your own machines, on your own terms. With scheduling and prioritization at your fingertips, you’re always in complete control. And just in case, remote access is only a click (or a tap) away.

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No credit card required. Starter robot supports Windows 8 and up.

Automation ease for hundreds of industries


Massive ammounts of data must be moved in a timely manner to keep hotels running. See how eTac Automation handled this efficiently and reliably.


The energy industry’s complex technical processes are a breeze for eTac Automation, even when other platforms struggle to keep up.

...and many more

From title companies to marketing agencies, non-profits to software development firms, eTac Automation handles it all while providing countless benefits.


Works with the services you know and trust, effortlessly

We believe that you shouldn’t have to change your processes to benefit from automation. That’s why we’ve partnered with Zapier to bring you direct integration with thousands of services. Whether you’re running automations when data is added to a Google Sheet, ad statistics are updated on Facebook, or purchases are made on Shopify, eTac Automation lets you do so with the click of a button. 

Get started in 5 minutes

No credit card required. Starter robot supports Windows 8 and up.

Your data, safe and sound


Credentials used in automations are fully encrypted client-side. We never have access to your passwords.


Critical actions taken can be audited. Groups and roles can be created to manage your organization.


Secure passwords are enforced and two-factor authentication (TOTP) is standard on all accounts.


Developed on a secure, stable foundation with a trusted technology stack. Data is safely backed up in case of emergency.

“With eTac Automation, we’ve been able to merge our knowledge of the hotel network with RPA technology to do something that nobody else in the industry has been able to do. We’ve been running 250 robots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, processing massive amounts of data for the past year. Our team has been able to get in and make changes quicker than any other solution we’ve tried. Simply put: eTac Automation is a game-changer.”

Jeff Wilson

VP of Business Development – DamnThatsCheap Hotels

eTac delivered process critical solutions quickly, eliminating repetitive data entry work and allowing my team to focus on more complex services. They really made the effort to learn the business and understand our objectives year over year. eTac is an excellent technical partner for any business organization.”

Jill Livingston

Former Sr. Manager – Hilton Hotels

Thanks to eTac Automation we cut turn times on requests in our department from about 14 days on average in 2013 to under 24 hours today. They built custom automation that works with our existing business systems, making us faster and more accurate. Our customers are thrilled with our speed, and our team members are excited to be free from the monotony of endlessly clicking the same button.

Richard Badgett
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